Team GF • Thursday 22nd October 2020



The much expected day had finally come and we were excited like never before. There had been many conferences and musical concerts before today, but for some reason this one was super special to me. From the preparations, the anticipation to the lineup of guest ministers I knew this was going to be an event I wasn’t going to forget in a hurry.

The Day one started with the prayer team kicking off the meeting. The atmosphere was sure charged. When I arrived through the front entrance and made my way backstage, all through that journey I could feel a stirring like never before. I mean we all pray but this one was intense, as if angels were praying with us, you could feel the hunger of people as hearts were stirred up. Hurrying backstage I could hear voices of people praying, working or making final adjustments to some of the songs to be done. The feeling was that of Ps. 133:1 “How good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity”.

The meeting was in full swing as The Glorious Fountain Choir led the people in beautiful praise and worship to God, hearts cried out to God. Joy rented the air, people danced and jumped. You could see the looks of gratitude and love towards God for all He did throughout the year.

Next Minister after minster there were cries from the hearts of every one of us to God for more of Him. Worthy of note was the ministration of the Man of God Rev. Igho Yegbeburu, the President of The Glorious Fountain Ministries. The atmosphere was charged with the power of the Holy Spirit in minutes. I personally was on the floor for most of this period (laughing out loud), however I could hear cries of people in a distant experiencing same glory that knocked me off my feet. When I regained my consciousness completely (we all get hit by God’s power stop laughing at me), Rev Igho had called out for people who needed healing. Right there in front I saw people healed instantly of waist pains, body pains and many other ailments. Jesus is still in the business of healing and setting people free from oppression HALLELUJAH!!!

By this time every fiber of my being was excited seeing God at work, but little did I know that more was yet to come. Over the next couple of days more persons received their healings and miracles as the presence of The Holy Spirit was present  to heal all as the scriptures said “…everywhere He went He was doing good, healing the oppressed… ”. 

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